ICB stands for Internet Citizens Band, a low-bandwidth, powerful, robust, realtime chat system. ICB allows groups with moderators, permissions, and public or private messages. ICB is a text only protocol (which leads to it's low resource usage) and currently has many hundreds of users worldwide.

Development on the ICB server has been relatively little in the past few months. Our goal is to make ICB a defacto standard for Internet chat protocols. We will be progressing on the implementation of the ICB server as well as the protocol itself, such as allowing you to store a mugshot in the server database that would be displayed to all people connected to the server.

We offer several ICB clients, mostly for Unix platforms, but Windows NT/95 also. At the bottom of this page are links to downloadable ICB clients that we have compiled.

Please send email to webmaster@apsoft.com for more information on ICB.

ICB Clients: