CICB credits

CICB is a mix of code, primarily the engine is from the ForumNet code.

The parts of the code that are left over from ForumNet are Copyright (c) 1990 by Carrick Sean Casey. The remainder of the code is Copyright (c) 1992-1993 by Mark J. Reed.

Here are Mark's own acknowledgements:

Thanks to Sean Casey for starting this whole thing, and to Mark Giaquinto and John Atwood DeVries for making sure it continued past ForumNet's untimely end.

Thanks to Rich Dellaripa and Thomas Krueger for making this thing portable again after I broke it. Tom has also provided the anonymous ftp site.

Kudos for ideas and bugfixes go to Aashi Deacon, Bill Fenner, Bill Wisner, Brian Kendig, Dan Chaney, David Herron, Eric Lechner, Eric Scott, Eric Zamost, George Herbert, Glenn Stone, Jessica Koeppel, Jim Griffith, Jim Lai, Joel Abbott, John deVries, Kris Cox, Lisa Hamilton, Mark Hopkins, Paul Callahan, Stephen Chappell, Thomas Kunselman, Thomas Krueger, Katrina Werpetinski, Keith Graham, Rich Dellaripa, Greg Williams, and others too numerous to mention.

Mark J. Reed,

Note: The people above are not affiliated with APSoft, we simply included credits to those who created cicb, we do not have any information on their wherabouts.

©1996 APSoft.